*parenting Skills*

*parenting Skills*

Feb 16, 2020

*Parenting skills*


Kids don’t come with a manual, which is why parents deserve the highest honor and respect. Raising a child is probably one of the most risky investments from a logical standpoint, as the costs and benefits are even harder to weigh compared to the share market. Yet, most people are still eager to enter parenthood. This shows that parents are looking for experiences beyond costs and benefits in this endeavor.

While some parents find child rearing to be challenging yet rewarding, others simply find it challenging. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to ensure that a child will turn out as we wish. No experts will be able to provide parents with a surefire way to achieve “success” in parenting, just like no investment specialists will be able to ensure return on your investments. As alluded to above, child bearing is not meant to be outcome-oriented.

Parenting skills training is not about making the parents better parents, or making the children better children. If you are here because you are experiencing difficulties in parenting and are trying to look for answers, that is good evidence that you are a good enough parent.

Parenting skills training is about helping parents understand the psyche and behavior of their children, and imparting skills, knowledge, and attitude to facilitate desirable parent-child relationships.

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若您希望了解更多有关育儿的事项,和学习如何有效地提升亲子关系,请通过电话/简讯(018-779 8677)或电邮([email protected])联络我们。

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