*mood Issues (e.g. Depression & Bipolar Symptoms)*

*mood Issues (e.g. Depression & Bipolar Symptoms)*

Jan 06, 2020

*Mood issues (e.g. depression & bipolar symptoms)*

Imagine a person who is usually energetic and enthusiastic about life, suddenly waking up one day feeling sad, dreadful, and hopeless. Most likely, the person him/ herself or someone else will notice something unusual and respond accordingly.

Now imagine, a person who is generally reserved and unenthusiastic about things waking up feeling sad, dreadful, and hopeless. Chances are, the person and the people around him/ her will perceive it as something usual and ignore the feelings. The problem may only be noticed when it has snowballed into something serious.

Mood problems can happen to anyone and can be manifested differently, and it is often overlooked until the person has suffered tremendously. If you or someone you know is experiencing mood related challenges, please reach out to us by calling/ texting us at 018-779 8677 or email us at [email protected]

试想像一个通常精力充沛,对生活充满热情的人,有一天变得悲伤,对生活毫无希望。 这种情况通常很容易被自己或身边的人察觉,然后及时应对。


情绪问题可以发生在任何人身上,并且以不同的方式表现出来,而且在这个人遭受巨大痛苦之前往往会被忽视。 如果您或您认识的人遇到与情绪有关的问题,请通过电话/简讯(018-779 8677)或电邮([email protected])联络我们。

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