✨ Leadership Livewire: Enabling Positive Mental Health In

✨ Leadership Livewire: Enabling Positive Mental Health In

Jul 23, 2021

✨ Leadership Livewire: Enabling Positive Mental Health in Face of Uncertainty ✨

This Week's Livewire is with ????????‍⚕️Dr. Shawn: Clinical psychologist, currently a visiting psychologist at Hospital Selayang Pain Clinic, the Head of Science at Naluri Life, and the co-founder of Psycle Consultancy Psychological Services.

Join us and our SPARK Host,????????‍???? Maresa Ng, Founder of The Spark Group Asia, Certified AccuMatch Behavioral Intelligence Coach, Certified Meta-Coach & Leadership Intelligence Coach, in discussing longevity in our mental health despite the challenges faced in the SME, business, and corporate landscape! ????

Don't miss this session on Fri, July 30, 2021 @ 12:00 PM
➡️ Strengthening our mental capacity in the face of uncertainty
➡️ How to identify and support people with the potential of anxiety, depression, and suicide
➡️ Discover how to enable resilience in mind, body, heart, and emotion

And many more...

????Leadership Livewires are about audience questions.

So, come with questions for Dr. Shawn and Maresa, as we support leaders like you, ensure better states of mind for the demanding landscape ahead of us.

????️Click here to RSVP: https://bit.ly/36Xofrq


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