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Ms. Leong Mei San is a registered and licensed counsellor under the Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia (LKM). She provides individual, couple, family and group counselling and psychotherapy. Through her professional experiences which include practicing as a counsellor trainee in government hospital and a counsellor in private setting, she has accumulated experiences working with a variety of populations with diverse cultural background.

She has worked with children, adolescent, and adults with behavioural and emotional issues, providing individual, couple and group counselling, family and marriage counselling, grief and bereavement counselling, as well as interventions for hospital inpatients and outpatients.

She provides counselling for individuals with different issues such as depression, anxiety, anger, grief, and life transition difficulties. She is devoted in understanding and helping her clients with a holistic approach.

Mei San is currently pursuing her PhD in UPM, focusing on the intrapersonal, interpersonal, and person-environment effects on romantic relationships, family and marital satisfaction. At the same time, she also lectures in a private university since 2015.